Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kitchen Cabinets Set the Tone of Your Kitchen’s Look

MOTT kitchen cabinetryChanging your kitchen cabinetry is the best way to make a significant visual impact on your existing kitchen. Since you must remove the existing kitchen cabinets, and therefore the countertop, in order to replace your kitchen cabinetry, most times the countertop is replaced at the same time as the kitchen cabinets. By replacing both your kitchen cabinetry and your countertop, you are able to completely redesign the way your kitchen looks.

Kitchen remodels take place for a variety of different reasons. Sometimes kitchen cabinetry is replaced before people move into a newly purchased house. This way they are not as bothered by the dust and inconvenience of a kitchen remodeling project. Other times, kitchen cabinetry is replaced when someone is about to move out of their home, as a way to help sell the house. Most often though, when a family is replacing their kitchen cabinetry it is in a home they have lived in for a while. The kitchen remodel is something they have planned and saved for over time.

The Savannah Cabinet Shop’s most recent kitchen cabinetry remodel was in a recently purchased house in Midtown Savannah. Along with a complete kitchen cabinetry replacement, this kitchen remodel included a new floor plan for the kitchen cabinetry, as well as new countertops, backsplash tile and even lighting. The result is a larger, more open kitchen with a decidedly cool and causal modern feel.

The style of kitchen cabinetry our clients chose was a low profile recessed flat panel door. These kitchen cabinets are made of maple in a dark brown, almost black stain. The new kitchen cabinetry was also brought all the way up to the ceiling in order to elongate the visual height of the kitchen while also providing more storage space. The darkness of the kitchen cabinetry is offset by the light colored wood floor, the white color of the countertop, the reflective light blue surface of the backsplash tile and the stainless steel accents of the appliances and decorative hardware.

The kitchen cabinetry obviously makes the biggest visual impact, but all the other finishes and design selections must compliment the kitchen cabinetry in order to form a cohesive look. It is therefore often helpful to select the style and finish of your kitchen cabinetry first, and use it to help you make all your other design decisions. At The Savannah Cabinet Shop we can help you select the kitchen cabinetry that works best for you. Call, email or visit our showroom today to get your kitchen cabinetry project started.

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