Monday, November 23, 2009

What other applications can cabinetry be used for?

Semi-custom and custom cabinetry can be used for an array of applications. Cabinetry can be used in designed into any room in the house both as built-ins and freestanding furniture pieces. Kitchen designers can design cabinetry for any application, not just kitchens. The limits placed on the use of custom cabinetry are only through the imagination of the designer, the engineer, the craftsman and the client.

Beyond kitchen cabinetry and bathroom vanities, cabinetry can also be used in laundry rooms, dining rooms, living rooms, studies, wet bars, and bedrooms.

Laundry room cabinetry is often designed similarly to kitchen cabinetry. A section of base cabinets can hold a utility sink and create a folding area, while wall cabinets above the sink and over the washer and dryer provide storage for cleaning supplies and linens. Crafting stations are becoming poplar additions in larger laundry rooms, further utilizing the utility sink.

Dining rooms are suitable areas for both built-in and freestanding pieces of custom cabinetry. A freestanding buffet made with furniture legs is easily moved or taken with you if you happen to move. Built-ins in the dining room are often tall custom cabinets recessed into niches. They usually feature glass door uppers for china display. Your electrician can wire these pieces with interior lighting, which combined with glass shelves to catch and reflect the light, makes quite a showpiece. More informal dining areas utilize custom cabinetry in the form of bench seating and even custom dining tables.

Living room built-ins are most often either free standing entertainment units or built-in open bookcases. With today’s open floor plans, these pieces are usually coordinated with the kitchen cabinetry as it is often within view. An overlooked application for custom cabinetry in the living room is secondary free-standing furniture pieces like coffee tables, side tables, and sofa tables. Built-in desk areas are sometimes included in larger great room areas.

Built-in and free-standing desks are also found in studies and home offices. The most formal or traditional of these rooms feature wainscoting or judge’s paneling. The Savannah Cabinet Shop can also furnish molding and paneling for coffered ceilings, as seen in our portfolio.

Wet bars and coffee bars are becoming more and more popular and can be installed in a variety of rooms including great rooms, studies, butler’s pantries, and master suites. Another type of custom cabinetry able to be utilized in almost any room is the window seat or built-in bench. These custom cabinets can be useful secondary storage, either with drawers, doors or lift-up lids. The can be engineered to accept your own cushion topper or left as a wood topped seat.
Basically, custom cabinetry can be installed in any room of the house in many applications.

Freestanding furniture pieces for a variety of rooms and applications can also be designed out of custom cabinetry components. Any kitchen designer should also be able to design cabinetry pieces for all the rooms in your house. Visit the portfolio section of our website for inspiration. Call, email or come by The Savannah Cabinet Shop today and we’ll start the process together.

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