Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What is a working triangle?


In every kitchen plan there is a work triangle. A work triangle is the shortest walking distance between the three main working sites in your kitchen. The refrigerator is the cold storage work site. The primary sink is the cleaning and food preparation work site. The stove is the cooking work site.

The primary sink should be located between or across from the primary cooking surface and refrigerator. If these three work sites are too far away from each other than you waste time walking between them. If they are too close together your kitchen will feel cramped and there will not be enough countertop for adequate food preparation.

The distance of each side of the work triangle is measured from the center front of each appliance or sink. The three sides should each be between four and nine feet. Together the sides should total twenty-six feet or less. An island or other kitchen cabinets should not interfere with the work triangle by more than twelve inches. Major traffic patterns also should not cross through the triangle.

Obviously, each kitchen is different, and these rules cannot all be followed all the time, especially during kitchen remodels. Still, your work triangle should function well for you, and these rules should be thought of as guidelines for accomplishing this goal. Your kitchen designer will be able to get the best possible work triangle given your parameters. Call, email or come by The Savannah Cabinet Shop today and we’ll start the process together.

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