Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Timeless White Kitchen Cabinetry

timeless white kitchen cabinetsA white kitchen never goes out of style. White kitchen cabinets are the equivalent of a little black dress, perfect for almost any occasion, able to be dressed up or down, fitting no matter what your personal style. For this reason, white paint is by far the number one requested finish for kitchen cabinets.

White kitchen cabinetry can serve many purposes other than just plain being beautiful. White kitchen cabinets can be a foil for a bold countertop choice, a dark wood floor, whimsical wallpaper or funky accessories in an array of colors. White kitchen cabinetry can also make a small kitchen feel more spacious, or a dark kitchen seem brighter.

A white finish looks good on any style of kitchen cabinetry. Whether you are choosing a traditional raised panel door, a simple recessed flat panel, a casual bead board, or a modern slab door, white paint will look good on it. Best of all, if your tastes change over the years, with white kitchen cabinetry, you have a better chance of just being able to change the details of your kitchen and produce an entirely different look.
white kitchen cabinetry 6

White kitchen cabinetry going all the way to the ceiling was an excellent choice for this tight on space galley kitchen. The white finish makes the space feel bigger; the height of the kitchen cabinets gives the space more visual height. The white finish is also the perfect foil for the rich wood floors and grey stone countertop. With this neutral color scheme, different accessories could easily be swapped out over time or for different holidays to give the kitchen an ever-changing look.

white kitchen cabinets 1

With the variety of doors styles and the two different countertop materials, the white finish on the kitchen cabinetry here acts as a unifying element.

white kitchen cabinetry 2

The worn natural wood floor, the shiny glaze of the backsplash tile and the natural clear finish of the maple countertops are brought together by the white kitchen cabinetry. This kitchen is about simple elegance: a variety of textures in a muted color palate. The white kitchen cabinetry is the foil on top of which everything else is placed.

white kitchen cabinets 3

This kitchen walks the line between country and modern. The worn wood half log ceiling beams, the turned post high chair, and the white porcelain farm sink with flanking split posts are the elements that hint at a casual country style. The high gloss subway tile back splash, grey slate tile floor and the jet black countertop give it a cool modern vibe. The white kitchen cabinetry is the perfect way to straddle these seemingly dissimilar styles. By using a slab drawer front mixed with a shaker, recessed flat panel door, the kitchen cabinetry acts as a perfect mediator.

white kitchen cabinetry 4

There are a lot of things going on in this very small space, a blue ceiling that bleeds into the walls, bead board paneling to the seven foot mark, louvered shuttered windows, a natural brick floor in a basket weave pattern, Americana prints, three different medium brown wood elements and stainless steel appliances. What keeps this kitchen looking quaint instead of overcrowded? You guessed it- the white kitchen cabinetry.

white kitchen cabinets 5

White cabinetry isn’t just for small kitchens. It works beautifully in large or open kitchens as well. Simple white kitchen cabinetry allows you to decorate any adjoining room in any style with the confidence that it will flow seamlessly with your kitchen cabinetry.

white kitchen cabinets 7

The white kitchen cabinetry in this kitchen has allowed for bold design choices throughout the room. From the dark wood beams, to the black counter stools, to the decorative toe valances and large white hood cabinet, the white finish unifies these elements, and creates the perfect backdrop for them to stand out against.

white kitchen cabinetry 8

With at least three of the four walls of this kitchen lined with kitchen cabinetry going all the way to the ceiling, and with a bumped out sink section, this kitchen could have easily felt cramped and closed-in in any other finish. The white kitchen cabinetry however, makes the most of the kitchen’s one window and allows those sitting at the table to feel cozy instead of claustrophobic.

white kitchen cabinets 9

This eclectic chic kitchen gets it character from the myriad of accessories. The deer head, the candle chandelier, the old-time kitchen accessories, etc. The finishing touches like the two countertop materials and stainless steel cup pulls all add to the whimsy. What keeps the space clean, light and airy is the white kitchen cabinetry.

white kitchen cabinetry 10

This kitchen is a mix of traditional aesthetics and up to date accents. The traditional inset style of the wall cabinets mixes well with the up to date full-overlay island cabinetry. The mullion clear glass doors mimic the mullions of the nearby windows. The color of the reflective blue glass backsplash below is picked up in the blue and white cushions. The brown of the natural fiber shades is reflected in the brown of the stools. The stainless steel hood has its mate in the stainless steel hardware, and lighting. The white finish of the kitchen cabinetry is what brings it all together


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