Monday, November 23, 2009

Sprinter Motorhome in the Making, Part 1!

Over the past nine years I have been a kite-boarding and traveling enthusiast. I have traveled around the world in search of great wind conditions, local flavor, new experiences and just a plain old good time. On many of these travels I was with friends and family, and most of the time we either rented an RV or stayed in a hotel. The problems that I have found with most RVs are that they are big, slow, and use a ton of gas. The gas consumption of your average RV is around 12 MPG, turning what should be an affordable family vacation into an expensive, eco-disaster.

I have personally owned a couple of RVs and have always been enchanted with the idea of building my own. Mercedes makes and imports a vehicle called Sprinter and badges it Dodge, Freightliner and many other name brands. The vehicle gets 21-25 MPG and is powered by a Mercedes Benz diesel engine that is not only powerful and gas efficient but reliable for the long haul. Over the years I have been chomping at the bit to own a Sprinter and do a conversion and the time has finally come! The Savannah Cabinet Shop purchased a Dodge Sprinter in October of this year with plans to convert this vehicle into an RV. With this project The Savannah Cabinet Shop hopes to gain knowledge in another field besides remodeling and cabinetry and to show our strengths in design.

We are currently producing drawings and renderings of the interior. If you’re curious about what the design, look and feel of the interior will be, then check back here periodically for updates.

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